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As our education and livelihoods programs evolved, it was inefficacious without addressing the gender equality issues. Recognising the fact that women comprise half of the country’s population, we evolved our women empowerment portfolio to lend specific focus on social and economic empowerment of women and girls.  EdelGive through its portfolio of small and midsized NGOs working with and for women and girls in 10 states covering the rural areas and urban slums.  The Foundation focuses on five priority areas that includes:

I. Freedom from Violence and Discrimination:

We work in partnership with organisations who have an impactful model to address issues of violence and discrimination against women and girls.

II. Access to Legal Justice:

We seek to enhance justice for women and girls by helping them understand their rights and demand accountability while bringing about sustained changes in their communities.

III. Grassroots Leadership:

We work on increasing leadership qualities among women and girls on grounds such as social mobilization, network building, and community advocacy for challenging social norms.

IV. Access to Rights and Entitlements:

We support organisations working on creating awareness among communities, and collectivising of women’s groups to avail and access their rights and entitlements.

V. Freedom from Economic Dependence:

We support programs that develops women’s capabilities to access economic opportunities and nurture women’s decision-making skills while enabling their access and control over financial resources.


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