Strengthening Institutional Capacity of NPOs

Non-profit organisations work on some of society’s most challenging problems. This often leaves them with little to no focus on building their own teams and capabilities. The EdelGive Capacity Building Initiative, in collaboration with Social Lens, Tech4Good and X-Leap, aims to strengthen Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) working to empower women both socially and economically, by equipping them with capabilities, to effectively achieve their core missions while building their institutional capacities.

We believe that if we desire to provide solutions to bigger social issues, there is a need to equip our non-profit organisations with investment in their people, processes and systems that is viewed separately from the programmes they run.

Programme Overview

At EdelGive, our mission is to generate holistic growth and capacities for our organisations, by focusing on long-term sustainment and problem solving, and willingness to adopt new technologies.

Key Objectives

EdelGive x Tech4Good Spotlight Series '21

Improvement in operational efficiency by leveraging technology: Right from development of Fundraising platforms to setting up Payment gateways, along with running Programme management software, Online data collection tools, Stakeholder management systems etc.

EdelGive x Social Lens Capacity Building Cohort

Learning funnel to take organizations through the various stages of fundraising: Understanding the sources of funding available, Developing sustainable plan and strategy and Applying fundraising communication, monitoring, and donor relationship management to strategy.

EdelGive x X-Leap's Capacity Building Initiative

Fundamentals of Problem Solving and Data-Driven Decision-Making: Building awareness around working with both operational and strategic problems, creation of clear sustainable models and an understanding of analysing and utilising data.

In collaboration with

Tech4Good: Tech4Good is an organization that helps small and remote nonprofits in India build organizational capacity, improve efficiencies and be more visible to potential donors and partners by leveraging technology. They have been doing so by improving access to technology & in turn improving the quality of services to beneficiaries through online training & hands-on workshops, mentor connects, Tech4Good discounts & set up support to nonprofits. Applications have closed.

Social Lens: Social Lens Consulting Pvt. Ltd is a mission-driven impact sector consultancy that provides a suite of management consulting services to boost the mission of SPOs and maximise the return on philanthropic investments. It leverages over a decade of sector-wide experience to help build resilient organisations that deliver sustainable impact to their beneficiaries through its Organisation Development solutions, Impact solutions, and Advisory. In the past 5 years, Social Lens has serviced Rs. +200 crore of philanthropic capital working with change makers and grant-giving institutions to optimize their impact.

X-Leap: X-Leap was founded by two McKinsey alums, Saikat Ghosh and Krishna N Venkitaraman, with a view of making a design-led approach to innovation and problem solving accessible for organizations of different sizes and in different sectors. They do this by working with Change Makers towards building a Kinder World: where People, Planet, & Profit co-exist. Their interventions are designed using a Human-Centred Approach steeped in Empathy, Sustainability, and Execution. X-Leap is a division of K R Corporate Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Applications have closed.

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