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Join EdelGive’s Efforts to Support Vulnerable Communities Affected by COVID-19

With the second wave hitting the country, declaration of emergency lockdowns, curfews, acute shortage of oxygen, and the limitations of our infrastructure to address the magnitude of the problem, we have sensitive communities across the globe joining us in battling the crisis. The nationwide lockdown has not only had an adverse impact on already distressed communities but also the grassroots organisations who continued to work with such communities while barely managing to survive themselves. We fear that organisations and the communities they serve will only be pushed further to the brink.

In these times of uncertainty, we believe that it is our duty, as a funder, to support grassroots organisations, to ensure that the relief measures trickles down to the grassroots, for the vulnerable communities, who need it the most. Thus, at EdelGive, we are looking at COVID relief through both short and long-term approaches.

Approach to the second wave of COVID in India

A. Short- Medium Term Approach:

Through our grassroots partners, we have once again stepped up as primary points of contacts to reach the unreached and are at the center of relief and response work in difficult geographies and vulnerable communities they serve through the following activities:

· Provision of ration kits, medicines, nebulizers, ambulance services, PPE Kits

· Provision of oxygen to patients and assistance in arranging supply for critical patients

· Awareness generation on vaccinations and entitlements

· Collaboration with Government administration for coordinating relief work

· Mental health resource support

B. Long Term Approach:

Based on the learnings from the first wave and getting the close context of the challenges posed to small to medium-sized high calibre NGOs in India amidst the pandemic, EdelGive Foundation has conceptualized The GROW (Grassroots Resilience Ownership and Wellness) Fund. The Fund is a one-of-a-kind collective of global and Indian philanthropists, working towards jointly supporting and sustaining 100 grassroots organisations across India, over a period of 24 months. The implementations on ground would begin from this financial year. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Manan Trust, Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies along with Edelweiss Group have already extended their enabling support to this ambitious project.

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Our work during 2020 to combat COVID-19

For FY21, we funded and raised over Rs 100 crores for COVID-related work – direct relief, addressing the migrants crisis, and rebuilding lives and livelihoods affected by Cyclone Amphan. EdelGive also became a founding signatory to the Common Charter for the Indian Donor and Philanthropic Community – an initiative created to offer collective support to NGOs, signed by some of India's leading philanthropies such as Ford Foundation, Wipro Limited, Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies, and Oxfam India, agreeing to abide by a common set of values as funders.

EdelGive Foundation thanks all donors, partners, and its employees who responded with generosity and solidarity to the appeals made in 2020, which allowed us to support organisations implementing relief activities, to continue and expand operations in addressing extreme distress of communities.

But the fight is far from over yet – and we need your support even more today!

Browse below for COVID response and relief initiatives that need urgent support. .

Reach out to us at for all your queries.

CORO For Literacy

CORO has extended support to 27,250 households across 40 districts in Maharashtra and Rajasthan through distribution of dry food kits, PPE and sanitation kits, direct cash support to women survivors of domestic violence. In the second wave, CORO is seeking support to reach 10,000 socially marginalised families through the following activities:
- Provision of dry food and basic hygiene kits
- Provision of compensation to each family unit that has faced livelihood loss
- Provision of basic medical equipment to equip populations at the village/community level
- Provide assistance in supporting urgent medical treatment costs, COVID medicines and immunity boosting supplements

Gramin Vikas Evam Chetna Sansthan (GVCS)

During the pandemic, GVCS has provided jobs through mask making to jobless artisans and distributed over 2,00,000 masks for free. They supported over 19,000 people through COVID relief activities. Given the gravity of prolonged lockdowns and adverse effects of the second wave on vulnerable communities, GVCS is seeking support for the following activities:
- Awareness about COVID safety measures, symptoms, tests and treatments among villagers.
- Provision to establish a COVID patient recovery unit with 200 beds, to provide immediate and free treatment.
- Provision to set up an isolation unit with 100 beds.
- Provision of medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators, facilitating plasma, drugs like Remdesivir to hospitals and facilitate more COVID testing in the region
- Collate a directory of COVID recovered patients eligible for plasma donation

Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti - GRAVIS

Amid the first wave, GRAVIS reached nearly 200,000 people through their immediate food relief initiatives and supplied drinking water supply to over 30,000 people. In the second wave, GRAVIS is focusing to provide cash relief support (of INR 2500) to vulnerable households in the region to help families sustain themselves for a period of two months. Additionally, GRAVIS is also seeking support to provide direct supplies of Oxygen concentrators, cylinders and regulators, and PPE kit.


During the first wave, Kotda and Gogunda (2 Blocks in Udaipur district, Rajasthan), Kshamtalaya cumulatively facilitated ration and safety kit deliveries for over 6300 families and reached 20,000+ people. Currently, they are carrying out the following activities to cater to the immediate needs that have emerged due to the second wave:
i. Distribution of food and ration kits
ii. Awareness generation and well-being calls through Kshamta Vaani which is acting as an Interactive Voice Response Service support system
iii. Reaching out to communities and children through in-person support of fellows, in collecting data on needs and ensuring consistent support

Kolkata Sanjog

SANJOG has intervened in areas that faced challenges in terms of limited COVID specific resources (scarce testing, beds, medicines), loss of jobs due to prolonged lockdowns, immense scarcity of basic food essentials for vulnerable populations as well as an increase in anxiety levels which went unnoticed due to struggles for survival. In view of the second wave, they need support for:
- Distribution of immediate ration kits for Survivors of Violence
- Extending support for purchase of medicines for COVID and other diseases
- Provision of mental health support interventions through medications and tele-counselling for Survivors and Social Workers
- Supporting need-based livelihoods interventions


Manuvikasa has supported over 6500 families through distribution of ration kits. Additionally, it provided scholarship support to underprivileged meritorious students and employability equipments like fishing box, sewing machine to women while supporting farmers with goods vehicle. Amid the second wave, Manuvikasa is seeking assistance to extend relief support through:
- Provision of basic infrastructural support to provide minimum treatment at block level hospitals
- Provision of nutrition kits for food security of distressed communities
- Provision of preventive measures (like health kits, PPE, masks, etc) to the health workers, doctors and others in need
- Extending logistics support (like travel for vulnerable populations, etc) during vaccination drives

Nishtha, West Bengal

To date, they have prevented nearly 680 incidences of rights violations which have in turn supported over 27,000 girls. Additionally, Nishtha has played a critical role in preventing over 150 incidences of early child marriage and developed nearly 4,000 women and adolescent leaders.
Amid the second wave of the pandemic, Nishtha is seeking support to extend immediate relief by provision through:
• Dry ration kits
• Hygiene kits and medical support for over 2500 households.


RAZA has successfully extended support to over 500 low-income families of daily wagers, drivers, mechanics by means of ration kit distributions. With the second wave of COVID rendering these families vulnerable yet again, RAZA has identified 600 distressed families in Bismillah Nagar who are in need of dry ration items for survival.

Samaritan Help Mission

SHM has extended support to nearly 20,000 families through their relief activities in Tikiapara and areas around. SHM has stepped up again to cover over 4,00,000 beneficiaries through the following activities:
i. Provision of oxygen to patients and assistance in arranging supply for critical patients
ii. Provision of medicines, nebulizers, ambulance services, and PPE Kits for healthcare workers and paramedics
iii. Easy transportation for migrant labourers
iv. Provision of smartphones, laptops, or tablets for continuing education of children through online classes
v. Provision of medical care to patients through trained paramedical staff (trained under their livelihoods initiative


Since the onset of the second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak in Odisha, the sources of income have dried up for the tribals living in villages. Sikshasandhan has identified 3000 families across Mayurbhanj district (Kaptipada, Morada, and Suliapada blocks), and is extending support through the following activities:
i. Distribution of food items and masks
ii. Awareness generation on the second wave
iii. Enabling the community in getting their entitlements
iv. Supporting children’s education through volunteers

South Orissa Voluntary Action (SOVA)

With the second wave hitting the region, SOVA has identified 5000 families in Koraput and is currently engaging in the following relief activities on ground -
i. Dry Ration and hygiene kit including sanitary pads to the community, frontline workers, jail inmates, and village volunteers.
ii. Support to children and adolescents with supplementary food, indoor play materials, and sanitary pads.
iii. Awareness generation towards COVID vaccinations, precautions and available social security schemes through community radio, pocket projectors and public announcement
iv. Support to the Block and District administration to provide psychosocial council support to the migrant families.

Sshrishti India Trust

With the second wave hitting the region worse than before, Sshrishti is undertaking the following activities:
i. Distribution of rations to families in distressed regions of Delhi and Uttarakhand
ii. Mental Health Support - through group counseling sessions for communities and workshops for children, and offering online and offline psychosocial support to families of COVID patients
iii. Online classes for children to help them stay in touch with education
iv. Production of masks with their Livelihood programme

Yuva Rural Association (YRA)

To combat the spread of coronavirus, as well as to reduce the demand on critical or intensive medical infrastructure, the government has opened several Covid Care Centres (CCCs) to offer care for cases that are clinically defined as suspect, very mild, or mild. In collaboration with the Government, YRA is looking for support to provide healthcare assistance in 7 CCCs with -
i. Beds, bedsheets, pillow covers, and blankets for the patients
ii. PPE kits, Masks, and Sanitizers
iii. Steamers and Oxygen flowmeters

Utthan, Gujarat:

As a response to the second wave, Utthan is seeking support to further the following relief activities across villages in Gujarat:
- Provision of ration and essential kits to marginalised families
- Help in mobilising medical expenses for Village COVID Cadre
- Supporting the Gram Panchayat in setting up Village Isolation Centres
- Provision of online training of village COVID cadre and volunteers
- Provision of primary medical equipment such as oximeter, thermal guns, etc and safety kits
- Provision of Kharif kits for marginalised farmer families
- Increasing mass awareness on COVID appropriate behaviour and vaccine readiness
- Provision of Kitchen Garden kit

Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan, Gujarat:

Amid the second wave of the pandemic, KMVS is supporting unserved communities of daily wage earners, artisans, vendors, migrants - in rural and urban Kutch, through the following initiatives:
- Tele-medicine and e-consultation support for Covid patients
- Distribution of safety equipment and monitoring devices amongst trained volunteers and community members
- Increasing awareness on COVID resources and vaccinations
- Providing support through community kitchen and tiffin systems for COVID affected community members
- Establishing quarantine centres for COVID patients in gram panchayats and urban slums
- Supporting dedicated vaccination camps in collaboration with registered medical institutions

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