A self-made entrepreneur, Vrinda is an active follower of the financial markets and a philanthropist who believes in contributing her skills and goodwill to meet the needs of underserved communities.

An alumni of William E. Simon School of Business Administration, University of Rochester Vrinda’s business acumen led her to identify a huge potential in bringing candies and sweets to India. She pioneered the international concept of pick-and-mix candies in India when she started Sweet World in 2002. Which from her first outlet in Lokhandwala grew 40 stores across the country. She currently leads her family enterprise, Prasad Agents.

 Vrinda has been associated with several worthy causes as a active member and volunteer of the Rotary Club of Bombay. She has not only actively championed the causes she supports, but has also been instrumental in harnessing support from her networks to back initiatives where interventions are direly needed. As a passionate Rotarian she has successfully and successively demonstrated commitment towards the execution and sustainability of the social initiatives being pioneered by the Club.

Her firm belief in the power of collective thought and action, like minded individuals and a credible platform inspired her to join the Influencers. As an Influencer, she will draw from her business and philanthropy expertise in channelising individual and institutional buy-in for a cause; towards the collective mission of women empowerment.

“Women empowerment to me means letting women have access to equal opportunity in all facets of their life including education, socio-economic, career and society in general,” she says

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