Team Sankalp is a group of friends from across the globe who came together in May 2018, at a time when India saw a surge of sexual violence cases being reported against women and girls. Bound by their urge to initiate systematic and sustained action - beyond momentary reaction - the group which is comprised of members who have worked in fields of technology for over twenty five years in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, London, UK and Houston and US, began contemplating how technology could prevent such incidents. The idea slowly evolved towards focusing on building the effectiveness of organisations already working in the field.

In association with EdelGive, they began working with Association For Advocacy and Legal Initiatives (AALI), a feminist legal advocacy and resource group and Jan Sahas that focuses on advocacy and legal assistance to members of socially excluded communities. As data forms a core of the work of both organisations - casework, litigation, rehabilitation and advocacy – Team Sankalp is currently engaged in developing a mobile application that will serve to automate the organisation’s current case data capture, recording and reporting processes. The aim is that such customised use of technology can improve the impediments of their current systems, and save time and effort which can then be reinvested into widening the depth and breadth of their work with survivors.

Team Sankalp aspires to be the tech bridge between NGOs and the women survivors of violence. Its members would like to leverage their expertise in domains like oil and gas, insurance, tech products, ERP and finance, and engage with a set of select NGOs and collectives like Jan Sahas and AALI and offer technological assistance. This could be in the form of: a) tech assistance in automating processes such that they can render their services to survivors in a more effective and efficient manner. b) tech assistance in understanding the collected data to draw insights and improve advocacy.

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