Ashish and Sushmita Kacholia are an unconventional power couple. Between the two, they pack in a powerful punch from their experience at having managed proprietary equities investment books exceeding INR 2000 cr. (AUM) as well as private equity and M&A on one side and Hospitality and Real Estate related projects on the other. Equally, (if not more) invested they are in their philanthropy, which focuses on backing critical social development programmes in needy regions of the country.

From bringing-in accuracy and perseverance through building several investment ventures from scratch to the networks they have built across their professional and entrepreneurial journey, the common thread that binds them towards philanthropy is the consistent passion to the projects they have supported.

Noteworthy among the extensive charitable work the couple has funded (and fundraised for), is the evolution of a private school for slum children in Tikiapara, Kolkata. The Samaritan Help Mission school which was started in a 350 sq. space for 25 students is today a multi-storeyed structure that provides digitised education to over 3000 students till Class X.

Known for being discreet and understated, the Kacholias as Influencers bring in clear objectivity, long-term commitment and their characteristic trait of ensuring focused deliverables to influence a goal-led approach in the women empowerment space.

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