Among India’s youngest corporate CEOs, Shreevar Kheruka steers Borosil; one of India's leading consumer brands. Under Shreevar’s stewardship, Borosil has the vision of being India's most customer centric company. A staunch believer in innovation and in converting crises into a springboard for leveraging lucrative opportunities, Shreevar has been in the forefront of creating an organisational of experimentation and people development. Leading by example, Shreevar encourages and ensures everyone in his company enjoys equal freedom to ideate, innovate and also make and admit to errors. “I have a choice. I can ensure my employees deliver in two ways – either by instilling fear or by instituting a culture of autonomy. I believe the latter is more sustainable. Autonomy nurtures accountability and accountability delivers growth,” he quips.

Shreevar’s zeal to invest in need-driven initiatives for growth also characterises the social development causes he supports through Borosil Foundation. He backs the development of Olympic sport in India, self-sufficiency for farmers in Maharashtra's Parli district as well as various educational initiatives.

As an Influencer, he brings his passion in philanthropy and insights from his career spanning finance, sales, project management, and Borosil’s corporate social accountability discipline; to the cause of women empowerment.

“I believe that as leaders, it is our moral responsibility to look beyond ourselves and see what good we can do for society around us. Brainstorming on ideas with a group of leaders can help force-multiply our efforts and I do hope that collectively we are able to bring about better results than anyone could do individually,” he says.

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