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Nearly 30 percent of the India’s population live below the poverty line (BPL). Problems of unemployment, migration, failing agriculture, natural calamities add to this cycle of vulnerability. As an attempt to break this state of drudgery, EdelGive Foundation works with fifteen grassroot organisatons in the remotest part of rural India on building resilience amongst communities across ten states of India.

Our programmatic interventions outreach majorly caters to the inhabitants of rural and tribal population who have agrarian based economy. Understanding the challenges of water to be the core of agriculture, we support access to water for irrigation through construction of innovative modes for rain water harvesting and water management, awareness building of best practices in agriculture methodology and livelihood augmentation activities, enabling access to capital along with basic business acumen for the people from vulnerable sections of society to make better choices and develop entrepreneurship model, promoting value addition and market linkages for the farming fraternity and encouraging them to move towards a sustainable model of agriculture, linking the youth to good career opportunities through experiential learning and developing their soft skills and providing internship opportunities.

Through our contextual targeted interventions we are working together to develop sustainable livelihood option for a systemic transformation of the entire ecosystem.


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