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Education is one of the key means to reduce poverty, inequality and catalyse inherent and permanent change in one’s perspective. Understanding the multiple factors which contribute or hinder educational achievement, EdelGive adopts a multipronged approach towards the problem. Our work in education is to ensure that the children are able to access a better future. A part of our efforts are towards providing a more holistic approach to our programmes, and to achieve this, we began working with Government as a key stakeholder for maximum and sustainable impact. We currently work around 4 programs with 13 partners pan India.

I. The Collaborators for Transforming Education

Started in 2016, the Collaborators is a Public Private Partnership model to support Pragat Shikshan Maharashtra (PSM) project of Maharashtra Government. The program operates in four Special Focus Districts focusing on core areas like developing teachers for application of constructivism in the pedagogy, capacity building of supervisory machinery and strengthening review mechanism, improving learning outcomes, enrolment & retention.

II. Early Childhood Education Program

We work with organizations that provides children from deprived communities and geographies, innovative pedagogy holistic education. We also work closely and invest in strengthening government run Anganwadi (through the ICDS program).

III. Programs focusing on Innovation and Experimentation:

We understand the need to use different methodologies to combat and solve issues related to education whether in elementary level or in early child space. The programs we support has potential to move from need to sustainability and also to drive the change in more meaningful way.

IV. Research and Advocacy

We extensively work at the grass root level to create a pool of information which can be utilized to drive the change in policy by developing coalition with academician and other research organizations.


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