Advancing Women Entrepreneurship Across India

India observes one of the lowest numbers of women entrepreneurs in the world

Despite the third largest startup ecosystem in the world and a women populace of about 50%, there are only about 14% women entrepreneurs in India. At 18%, women's contribution to the GDP is quite low as compared to the global average of 37%. While women do not lack will and ambition, the various structural and societal barriers like unconscious gender stereotypes, inequal access to finance and property, along with the lack of support from family, are some reasons which could be attributed to their low participation in entrepreneurship.


Covid-19 and the challenges for women-led businesses

Covid-19 has led to a massive decline in revenue for women-owned businesses. As per a recent research survey by Bain and Company, Google, and AWE Foundation, 73% of women entrepreneurs have been negatively impacted with almost 20% facing a complete wipeout in their revenues. Most businesses have not returned to pre–Covid-19 levels.

Why women entrepreneurship requires a major boost?

India is missing out on significant innovation, economic development, and job creation by not allowing its women to realise their complete potential. The 5-trillion economy goal of India will not be possible without augmenting the participation of women in the workforce. Women-led businesses currently provide direct employment to an estimated 22 to 27 million people. Growth in the number and size of women-owned businesses could generate 150 to 170 million new jobs by 2030, tackling the unemployment crisis in the country.


What is UdyamStree?

At EdelGive, we believe in accelerating women entrepreneurship by all means as it could improve the social and economic status of Indian women, having a direct bearing on the welfare of their children. Through UdyamStree, we aim to bring forth the stories of entrepreneurial women in India and the economic and societal challenges faced by them. Our aim is to bring people together to communicate, collaborate and commit to enabling and empowering women across India to follow their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs, nation-builders and changemakers of the society.

Key Objectives

Platform for Collective Action

Engaging and partnering with corporates, funders, influencers, and experts to shift the narrative around women entrepreneurship. Curating events and dialogues to provide a platform for formal commitments by stakeholders.

Knowledge Building

Building and socializing a repository of research and data to support the narrative around women’s entrepreneurship in India.

Awareness Generation

Building awareness on existing state of women entrepreneurship and information on schemes and entitlements which could help aspiring women entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams.


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