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A strong believer in giving back to the society through his business initiatives and philanthropic endeavours, Juzar Khorakiwala is the Chairman and Managing Director of Biostadt, an agro-chemical company that has served the farming community for over three decades.

Driven by the belief that despite being the backbone of the Indian economy, the rural sector’s existence is needlessly harsh, Juzar decided to leverage his firm’s resources to ease their struggle. Biostadt’s vision reflects Juzar’s ideals that the farmers being the central focus of rural India, it is necessary to give them a helping hand by providing them with top-of-the-line agricultural inputs and services. 

Through Biostadt, Juzar has actioned his commitment to strengthen and optimise the farming community to grow profitable and sustainable by ensuring their access to biotechnology research-based agro inputs. Starting with the manufacture and sale of agrochemicals, he quickly recognized the latent potential of his massive distribution network of 30,000 dealers across the rural sector of India. Utilising this distribution network, Biostadt established health clinics for farmers and their families, vets to take care of the farmers’ animals, and crop care specialists to look after the health of the farmers’ produce. The company today has an annual business turnover of over 125M USD and operates in India, Philippines, Thailand, and Europe.

As a keen philanthropist, Juzar has also been instrumental in supporting various social initiatives as the President of Rotary Club of Bombay Central and a Trustee of Save the Children, India. His insights in delivering customer-centric solutions that drive sustainable development, promises to add immense value to change at the grassroots being supported by the Influencers.