Vidya Shah inquires about the state of philanthropy in India and if it is really delivering on its promise.

It is rare that we come across a life that is lived entirely in the service of others. In these complex times, with the privileged seeking refuge behind their wealth and resources, the story of Sir Fazle Abed is a lesson in in how personal strength, backed by strong intent and effort, can be used to elevate millions of lives.

“Unfortunately, the discourse today of re-visiting what it means to be secular leaves me in a state of great pain and anguish. How did this come to pass?” inquires Vidya Shah, CEO, EdelGive Foundation.

‘The Power of One’ shines the spotlight on stories that remind us that even the smallest shift of the needle is significant. It keeps reminding us in EdelGive Foundation, of why we do what we do.

India made a significant stride towards a system of structured philanthropy, with the introduction of Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013, mandating a 2% share of profits (of qualifying companies) to be put towards CSR. As the CSR mandates completed five years of its existence, it has had significant impact on corporate giving.